Thu. May 26th, 2022

VietNamNet Bridge – The Vietnamese, who eagerly expected Samsung Galaxy S4,
have expressed their disappointment about the blockbuster product.

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No breakthrough in design and feature has been found in Galaxy S4 which has
disappointed technology followers all over the world and Vietnam.

The launching of Galaxy S3 in 2012 was an impressive event of the world’s high
technology community. Meanwhile, the introduction of S4 has brought big
disappointment. Users say that with no special feature and design, it’d be
better to call the new product “Galaxy S3S” – the way Apple has done with its
iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4S.

“Trite” and “uninspiring” are the words which have been mostly used by
technology followers when they write about the new product on telecom forums.

RVTH, a Samsung follower, wrote on Tinh Te forum: “And S4 has finally turned up.
The design is not as good as expected. I myself like the design of S3, but it
would be unacceptable to see the S3’s design repeated in S4 version. No
Samsung’s explanation would be able to convince users with such a technological

The topic about Samsung Galaxy S4 has become the hottest topic on the youth’s
forum. The biggest problems of S4, in their eyes, are the commonplace design,
commonplace features, and the plastic made covers. They cannot understand why
Samsung has been insisting on making plastic covers, which do not fit a high-end
product like Galaxy S.

Young users have violently criticized Samsung partially because they expected
much more than they could see. Hung Dung, a student in HCM City, commented that
Samsung might anticipate the users’ appointment; therefore, it deliberately let
some S4 information and images leaking before the official launching day of S4.

The Verge, a well-known technology news website, some days ago published a story
titled: “The Galaxy S3S: how Samsung copies Apple by copying itself.”

The word “S3S” implies that the new product does not deserve to be called
“Galaxy S4” because of the lack of the brilliant improvements in its design and

Some forum members have compared the new product with the other versions of
smart phones marketed recently, pointing out that Galaxy S4 is completely
inferior to HTC One or LG Optimus G Pro. Duy _P900, a member, commented that he
cannot see any creativeness in S4. “It is even worse that HTC One, let alone
Xperia Z.”

Some others wrote that they have decided not to buy S4 and they would keep S3,
because they cannot see any differences between S3 and S4. Especially, iPhone
followers prove to be the happiest people about the failure of S4 to conquer
people’s hearts.

Not only criticizing the new product, technology forum members have also spoken
badly of the Samsung launching event. Many have commented that it was like a
variety show at theatre than a ceremony on launching a new high technology

Local newspapers have reported that the prices of the South Korean technology
group decreased by 1.32 percent on last Saturday, following the launching of S4.

The Gioi Di Dong, one of the biggest telecommunication product distribution
chains in Vietnam, introduced S4 on March 15. The distributor has not quoted the
official retail price of the product. Analysts say the product is priced between
VND16-17 million.

They have predicted that S4 would be available in Vietnam in late April or early
May at the latest. S4 products to be sold in Vietnam would be equipped with
Samsung’s Exynos 5 Octa core 8 (1.8GHz).

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