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VietNamNet Bridge – Big technology groups in the world have landed in
Vietnam, bringing with them their latest-generations blockbusters.

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Samsung, the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturer, plans to introduce
Galaxy S4, its latest blockbuster, on March 14.

The marketing of the product, according to analysts, would trigger a new war in
the smart phone market.

The competition among smart phone manufacturers would get even stiffer as
sources say Apple is making iPhone 5S, the direct rival of Galaxy S4, in China,
which may hit the market in June 2013.

Samsung and Apple once battled violently in 2012 with their Galaxy S3 and iPhone
5. The winner was Galaxy S3 which was recognized by GSM Association as the best
smart phone model of the year, which has help Samsung become the leading smart
phone manufacturer in the world. The South Korean manufacturer has also been
awarded the year’s manufacturer award.

It’s still unclear when Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5S would hit the Vietnamese market.
Meanwhile, Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 remain the most favorite products in the 90
million people market.

Besides Galaxy Note II, Nokia Lumina 920, Nokia 808 Pure View which have been
sold in Vietnam, and Lumina 720, Lumina 520 which would hit the market in some
days, the Vietnamese market would see the appearance of a series of the “big
names” like LG Optimus G, HTC One, Sony Xperia Z, BlackBerry Z10.

Cao Mai Nguyen from Mai Nguyen Mobile chain, has noted that the war in the smart
phone would be burning not only in the world, but in Vietnam as well. All the
blockbuster products available in the world’s market have also been brought to

Nguyen has noted that smart phone manufacturers would not only compete in the
hardware, but also in the battery capacity and the operation systems.

Samsung is the biggest manufacturer in the world, while the second position
belongs to Apple, and the third one has been scrambled for by BlackBerry, LG,
HTC, and may be Nokia as well.

The fact that other manufacturers have been struggling for the third position
makes people understand that Samsung and Apple are too strong to be defeated.

A report by GfK, a market survey firm, showed that Samsung still has been
leading the domestic market with the market share of up to 48.4 percent in
November 2012 and 43.18 percent in January 2013 Meanwhile, Nokia held 18.95
percent of the market share in November 2012 and 19.75 percent in January 2013.

The third position, if considering the sales, belongs to Apple, but if
considering the number of products sold, belongs Q-Mobile, a Vietnamese brand.

Nguyen Van Dao, Deputy General Director of Samsung Vina, said Samsung would make
every effort to retain its first position in both the world’s market and in
Vietnam, by launching diversified products that fit different groups of

Nearly all the mobile phone models of Samsung have been made in Vietnam,
including its latest blockbuster products such as Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note II.
Samsung is expanding its investment in the Samsung technology complex in Bac
Ninh province, while it plans to kick off a 2 billion dollar project in Thai
Nguyen province.

Nokia is moving ahead with its project on setting up a 302 million dollar
factory in Bac Ninh province. However, the factory is thought to make basic
mobile phone models only. Therefore, it’s still unclear about the future of the
mobile phone manufacturer.

Another South Korean manufacturer, LG, has been striving for the third position
in the smart phone market, planning to develop a big scaled project in the sea
city of Hai Phong.


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