Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

Ho Chi Minh City will soon launch the fourth annual campaign “Green
Consumption” in a bid to improve people’s awareness of environmental
protection and help businesses who invest in green technologies.

In 2012, around 200 firms were investigated for allegedly harming the
environment and 67 of them were found violating environmental laws. They
were fined over 3 billion VND (148,000 USD), and eight of them were
shut down.

Despite the fact that the penalty has increased
sevenfold to 500 million VND (23,800 USD), many companies continue with
their polluting ways.

In the last three years, the campaign
attracted more than 9,000 youths and over 1 million other people who
pledged to use green products.

A new feature in this year’s campaign will be a public vote for the best green products and enterprises.

citizen will be encouraged to join the campaign by sharing images of
things they did to participate. The best photos will receive prizes.

“Green Consumption” has proven to be an effective campaign and is hoped to spread nationwide.-VNA

By vivian