Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

Hotels, transport companies fined for overcharging

KHANH HOA (VNS)– Thirteen hotels and transport enterprises in central Khanh Hoa Province were fined VND80 million (over US$3,800) for overcharging customers before, during and after the Tet holiday.

The violations were discovered by a group chaired by the provincial Department of Finance that conducted surprise inspections in 26 hotels and six transport enterprises.

The hotels charged their customers more than listed prices, according to the inspectors. They were fined over VND50 million ($2,400) and had to return VND9 million (over $430) to customers.

The transport companies, which did the same, were fined VND30 million (over $1,400) and asked to return over VND65 million ($3,100) to customers. – VNS

By vivian