Sat. May 18th, 2024

Ha Long Bay of Vietnam has been included in the list of “100 trips you
must take in your lifetime” recently released by the US magazine
Business Insider.

The magazine recommended spending a
night on a junk boat in the bay, amid a multitude of limestone islands
and islets rising from the sea, in a variety of sizes and shapes and
presenting picturesque, unspoiled nature.

The bay
covers an area of 43,400 ha and includes over 1,969 islands and islets,
most of which are uninhabited and unaffected by humans.

Recognised by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage in 1994, Ha Long Bay
welcomes 2.5 million tourists each year, including 1 million foreign
visitors. It was voted as one of the world’s seven new wonders of
nature last year.

Also on the magazine’s list are
trips of hiking along the unrestored section of the Great Wall of
China, attending a cherry blossom festival in Japan and driving a
classic car in Havana, Cuba.-VNA

By vivian