Fri. May 17th, 2024

An eco-tour to Ang Hamlet in Dong Sang commune, Moc Chau district in the
northern mountainous province of Son La will enable tourists to explore
stunning features of the Mother Nature and the Thai ethnic people’s
unique culture.

One of the must-see destinations of the
eco-tour is a pine forest near a poetic lake that forms a peaceful scene
for Ang hamlet. Here, the lake is considered a mirror of the weather
during the four seasons.

In the early morning, the lake wears a
light mist layer while it looks brilliant with sunlight at noon. At
sunset, the mist comes back and covers the lake, bringing the cold air
of winter.

However, the lake is most beautiful on moonlit nights
with the shade of pine trees reflected on the water, the whispering
sounds of pine trees and sweet melodies from bamboo flutes performed by
ethnic young men to call their girlfriends.

Visiting the
hamlet, tourists learn about many unique customs, habits, dances,
ancient folk songs, rites and festivals, such as “New Rice” and “Het
Cha” (a festival for the solidarity of the ethnic community before
spring comes) of the Thai ethnic people which have been well preserved
over the years.

Furthermore, they can gain interesting
experiences when living with the locals, enjoying their delicious dishes
and drinking Can wine.

The development of the
eco-tour to Ang hamlet has helped improve the living standards of the
locals and preserved the traditional features of the Thai ethnic group.-VNA

By vivian