Sat. Jun 8th, 2024

Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan has urged localities to
attach the development of science and technology to their social
economic development plans so they can be implemented effectively from
next year.

Addressing a conference in Hanoi on March 8
for the implementation of the national strategy on the science and
technology development during 2011-20, Nhan said the ineffective use of
research and limited attention to the sector’s development are the main
reasons for it lagging behind.

Nhan also highlighted
inefficient investment and the lack of social participation in science
and technology as other reasons, adding that investment in the sector
was small in comparison to countries such as the US, the UK,
Germany ,Russia and the Republic of Korea .

nation’s science and technology sector has never enjoyed such favourable
conditions for development as it has today, with a series of policies
and support from the Party and Government, especially the national
strategy for the science and technology development for 2011-20, he

The strategy, issued in April last year, defines
targets, missions and solutions for the development of the sector until
2020. One important part of the strategy is to bring some fields up to
international and regional standards by that year.

of Science and Technology Nguyen Quan said that the strategy is to get
the sector to move alongside general development. It also urges the
sector to carry out reforms and train appropriate human resources to
meet development demands, he added.

The conference was
attended by nearly 400 participants representing ministries, sectors,
localities, research institutions, enterprises and organisations

By vivian