Fri. May 17th, 2024

Scientists forecast around 40-45 geomagnetic storms would hit Vietnam
this year with more powerful intensity than in previous years.

Associate Professor Ha Duyen Chau, a scientist at the Institute of
Geophysics , said that geomagnetic storms are expected to reach level
5, the highest level, because the sun will reach the peak of its 11-year
cycle, putting the planet at greater risk of such storms between the
end of 2012 and 2013.

Only 30 relatively weak storms hit the country last year, according to Chau.

Powerful geomagnetic storms could affect human health, particularly
those with a family history of heart disease, bone disease and those
vulnerable to geomagnetic storms, Chau said.

They might feel tired and experience bone-related pains, he added.

According to Chau, the national power grid and transformers may break down or sustain forage, resulting in blackouts.

Chau also said that the storms would be at their strongest at the
aurora zones near the North Pole, South Pole and areas around the
Equator. -VNA

By vivian