Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

The 4-day crime fiction festival Quais du Polar, which honoured authors
from Asia, concluded in the French city of Lyon on April 1.

One of the honorary guests at this year’s event was Qiu Xiaolong, an
American novelist of Chinese origin, who brought to readers his novel
entitled “Cyber China ” depicting a contemporary China through a
plot of both criminal and social features.

festival also saw the participation of some other authors from Asia,
including Japanese writer Ira Ishida with the novel “ Ikebukuro West
Gate Park ”.

Many Western faces who had spent
many years in Asia were also honoured this time, including John Burdett
from Britain and Elsa Marpeau from France .

Besides, the festival also introduced a number of works written by
prisoners in order to encourage them to get involved in crime fiction

By vivian