Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

VietNamNet Bridge – 65 overseas Vietnamese from many countries will offer incense at the Temple of Hung Kings in Phu Tho province and attend the requiem of heroes and martyrs in Cao Bang province.


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On the occasion of the death anniversary of the Hung Kings, the State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese will take the delegation of overseas Vietnamese to visit, offer incense at the temples of Au Co – the country’s mother and Lac Long Quan, the country’s father as well as the Temple of Hung Kings, the country’s ancestors.

The delegation of overseas Vietnamese will also attend the ceremony to receive the UNESCO’s world intangible culture heritage certificate for the “Hung Kings worship rite”.

Earlier, the delegation will visit historical and revolutionary relics in Cao Bang province such as Pac Bo Cave, Lenin Stream, Karl Marx Mountain, Ban Gioc Waterfall and participate in the requiem to commemorate heroes and martyrs at the Thanh Son Cemetery.

The 65 overseas Vietnamese are outstanding people who have contributed positively to the community activities as well as the operations of Vietnamese associations abroad.

Tran Cham

By vivian