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VietNamNet Bridge – After being forced to halt doctorate training programmes, many universities have promised to strengthen their teaching staff via extra training.  


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Hanoi University of Agriculture was forced to halt doctorate training in three courses.

Vietnam Military Medical University was compelled to halt doctorate training for three sectors of parasitology, nuclear medicine and moderate nutrition.

Prof cum Dr. Nguyen Tien Binh, Director of the institution told DTiNews, “These are three important training sectors at our institution but the Ministry of Education and Traing (MoET) was right to halt the training. This has encouraged us to quickly deal with our problems. We’re making plans to recruit more qualified teachers to resume the training in the time to come.”

Hanoi University of Agriculture was forced to halt doctorate training in three sectors.

“We totally agree with the MoET’s decision to halt doctorate training in these areas as they are facing a serious shortage of teaching staff. We’ll train more teaching staff before applying to re-register the training,” Associate Prof cum Dr. Dinh Van Chinh, Deputy Principle of the school said.

Due to unqualified teaching staff, University of Mining and Geology was forced to halt doctorate training in remote sensing mapping and geology and mineral data analysis.

Associate Prof cum Dr. Le Trong Thang, head of the school’s Training Department said a large number of teaching staff have retired, causing a serious shortage of qualified lecturers in these courses.

“It would take time for us to deal with such difficulties,” Thang noted.

Material and construction material technology, a key subject at the Water Resources University, was also subject to the halt in doctorate training.

Associate Prof cum Dr. Trinh Minh Thu, Deputy Principal of the university, said staff shortages had become serious when many teachers had moved to work for other sectors. The school planned to re-register in the time to come.

In 2010, the MoET issued a document on scrutinising the quality of doctorate training in the country. The ministry said after May 15, 2012 any education institutions that lacked qualified teaching staff would have to halt training.

The ministry officials said that students who were studying subjects where there were staff shortages would be allowed to continue their studies.

Source: DTriNews

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