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VietNamNet Bridge – A lot of Vietnamese students try to go studying abroad at
any cost, though they know the training courses would be very costly and a lot
of difficulties would surround them.


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Studying overseas to “renew” themselves

Thai Ha, 19, a Hanoi student, felt bored when she finished the first-year study
at a university in the city. Ha decided to look for a full scholarship for a
music course in South Korea. Though she is not sure she would be a musician or
take the music-related jobs, she still decided to say goodbye to the school in
Hanoi and leave for South Korea.

“My life has become dynamic since the day I set foot in South Korea, which makes
me feel excited. I love music, and I would return to come back to my school in
Hanoi to follow the marketing major,” she wrote in an email to a high school

Ha believes that Vietnamese youth should study overseas not only to get
knowledge from the developed educations, but also have interesting experiences
which would be useful for their future lives and jobs.

Going abroad to escape from the current boring studies

This seems to be a popular reason cited by the youth when asked why they insist
on going abroad. The students still have not programmed for their future. They
still do not know what they want to be and how they will live. They also don’t
feel the eagerness for learning. And they decided to leave Vietnam.

Bao Nhat, 23, in Da Nang City, said he got so tired of the numerals when he was
a third year banking student. Therefore, Nhat decided to leave Vietnam for the
UK to study fashion stylist. The young man said he feels happy with his current
life and study, though he admits that he is not sure if he can use the knowledge
he receives now from the British school later when he returns to Vietnam.

Vu Trang, a student in Australia, asked her parents to fund her overseas study
course when she was a high school student. The girl told her parents that going
abroad was the only choice for her, who absolutely did not feel the eagerness
for learning.

The current life is really good for Trang in Australia, where she takes a part
time job to earn money to satisfy her like of traveling.

Preparing to become the bosses

Duy Phuong in Hanoi graduated a university two years ago and he had worked for
several companies until one day he felt that he needs to prepare well for his
own business by going to study abroad.

“Studying in a country with the advanced education and obtaining good foreign
language skills are the things I need to have to prepare for my future,” Phuong

Phuong now nearly completes his study plan at a school in Singapore, while
planning to return to Vietnam in some days to turn his dream of setting up a
business of his own into reality.

Studying abroad to follow the friends’ move

Though having weak foreign language skills and bad learning capability, Ngoc Anh
in district 3 in HCM City still insisted on a study course overseas, simply
because 2 her friends in the group of 5 have gone abroad.

Anh said she does not want to lag behind the friends by studying at a domestic
school. For the students like Anh, it’s a shame to study domestically, because
only poor families cannot afford their children’s overseas study.

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