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VietNamNet Bridge – A lot of students have expressed their worry that with
the new enlistment regulation, they would have the opportunities to follow the
university education.

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Under the current laws, the students at the age of 18 will have to join the army
and serve in the military forces for two years after they finish high schools.
However, those, who receive the admission notices from universities or junior
colleges, can delay their serving in the army and continue their studies at the

However, the Ministries of National Defense and Education and Training have
released an inter-ministerial circular No. 13, stipulating that in case a
student receives both the command for joining the army and the admission notice
at the same time, he would have to join the army and delay the study plan.

Vietnamese citizens can only defer the serving in the army if they have
completed the necessary procedures to study at universities or colleges, or they
are following the full-time training courses at the schools.

The students, who leave the full-time training courses of some schools for other
schools, would also be called to serving in the army.

Hoang Giang, a 12th grader, wrote on Facebook that the new regulation is

In general, there are two enlistment courses every year – the first one at the
beginning of the year, and the second one in mid year, while the latter stage
coincides with the time when universities and junior colleges send admission
notices to the students, who pass the university entrance exams. Therefore, it
is highly possible that the admission notice would come at the same time with
the command for serving in army.

“I am afraid that I would be called to the army this year. Meanwhile, I really
want to attend the university entrance exams and follow the university education
if I pass the exams,” Giang wrote.

“What will happen after two years? I am afraid that after two years of serving
in the army, I would lose necessary knowledge to continue the education at the
university level,” he continued.

A student with the nickname Sudube also complained that he may lose all
necessary knowledge after two years, when he returns from the army to study at a
university. “I feel really anxious about my future and my education,” he said.

Meanwhile, other students frankly expressed their opinions that the regulation
on the serving in army in peacetime is unreasonable. They believe that no need
to mobilize to the army the students, who can follow higher education and devote
themselves to the country with their knowledge.

“Every citizen can contribute his strength to the motherland in his own way.
While others join the army to protect the country, we can continue our studies
to serve the country with our knowledge,” a student said, emphasizing that the
new regulation should not be applied, which may deprive the students’
opportunities of following high education.

“I wish to see the new regulation amended,” a student said.

Nguyen Toan Thang, a student in Cau Giay district, believes that following the
university education right after finishing high schools proves to be the best
solution for those who want to follow high education. It is the most reasonable
time for anyone to study.

“When you get older, it would be harder for you to continue studying. It’ll not
be the right time for you to study and obtain the best results,” he commented.

Minh Anh

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