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VietNamNet Bridge – Tens of billions of dong have been spent by schools, tens
of groups of consultants have been sent to provinces and cities in an effort to
attract more students.


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Big budgets for marketing

Universities, junior colleges and vocational schools have been gearing up for
the enrolment season. It’s now the time for high school students decide which
studies and which schools they would follow after finishing schools.

Le Lam, MA, Headmaster of the Dai Viet Vocational School in HCM City, which was
established five years ago, said the school spends seven million dong a year on
marketing campaigns every enrolment season.

Lam said the school has sent seven groups of consultants to the high schools in
the provinces in the central and southern regions, which would clarify the
information about the school’s enrolment policy and seek suitable students for
the school.

The consultants would organize meetings with students; deliver leaflets and
brochures to introduce about the school. Besides, it plans to give thousands
helmets as gifts to the teachers and students of the high schools it comes to.

Meanwhile, Nguyen Quoc Anh from Hutech, a technology school, said the school has
decided a budget of VND1 billion for the marketing campaigns. Three groups of
enrolment consultants have been set up which began working in mid-January and
would finish in late March.

Other people-founded schools namely Nguyen Tat Thanh University, Hong Bang
University, PSB International College, Gia Dinh Information Technology
University, Dong Nai University of Technology have also reported that they would
budget one billion dong for the enrolment season.

What do consultants do?

The common target of all the groups of consultants is to lure more students to
their schools.

This is really a hard job. A consultant said that in general, when she has only
10 minutes to meet with students. Therefore, there is no time to ask students
about their needs and aspirations. Ten minutes would be just enough to give some
basic information about the schools and deliver leaflets to students.

“You should speak very quickly and loudly, because you don’t have much time,”
she said.

“The most important thing you should do is to make students remember the names
of your school. Meanwhile, the information about the tuitions and the training
majors can also be found on leaflets,” she added.

The consultant revealed that in order to have the 10-minute meetings with
students, she always has to pay money to the school’s board of management or

Some schools decided to organize “open days,” inviting high school students to
go to their schools to see with their eyes the classrooms, material facilities
and laboratories.

A Hutech’s representative said the school has been organizing the event over the
last six years. The “open day” alone would cost some VND500 million.

The Dong Nai Technology College has also informed that “open days” would be
organized every Saturday and Sunday, when high school students would be invited
to the school.

A report said that though spending billions of dong on marketing campaigns every
year, a lot of schools still cannot find enough students.

Lam from Dai Viet School in HCM City said he has sent consultant groups to 1,000
high schools. “I would be happy if one student from every school we come to
would enroll in our school,” he said.

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