Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

VietNamNet Bridge – The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) has decided
to impose the heavy fine of VND10-20 million on the behaviors of running extra
classes without licenses.


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MOET has shown its strong determination to stop the teachers’ movement of
opening extra classes to earn extra money by suggesting the heavy fine on the
behavior when drafting a new decree.

The decision has been made after a lot of parents complained that their children
were forced to go to the private tutoring classes opened by their school
teachers. They also said that they did not have money to spend on extra lessons,
and their children did not have enough time to attend too many classes.

Under the decree, teachers must obtain permission from competent agencies when
running private tutoring classes, or they would be punished.

Heavy punishment would stop evil?

The VND3-5 million fine has been suggested for those teachers, who cut the
official curricular lessons and give the curricular lessons at their extra
classes. By doing this, students would have to attend extra classes, or they
would not get enough lessons as required by MOET.

The individuals or organizations, which run extra classes in the places which
cannot meet the requirements in terms of material facilities, would be fined by
VND5-10 million.

Especially, those who run extra classes without licenses would be fined VND10-20

Different fine levels have also been set up for other violations. One would have
to pay VND5-10 million in fine for not following the current regulations on the
tuition management.

The determination by the MOET to stop the movement of running private tutoring
classes has raised the strong opposition from teachers.

A literature teacher of a high school in Dong Da district in Hanoi, said she has
to refuse the proposals from parents to run extra classes, just to strictly obey
the new regulation. However, she does not think this is a right decision.

“It’s unfair for teachers and students,” she said. “Why do we have to refuse to
give extra lessons, if students really have the demand for the lessons?”

She went on to say that a lot of parents want their children to have
after-school learning hours with prestigious teachers so as to improve their
knowledge. The teacher has also denied the fact that students are forced into
extra classes.

“Who should students consult with when they have problems with a math question?
Their parents cannot help solve the question, because the students nowadays
follow the curricula different from their parents’. In this case, attending
extra classes proves to be the best choice,” she said.

Local newspapers have reported that four teachers in Hai Phong City have been
disciplined for their violations of the regulation on giving extra teaching
hours. The chief inspectors of the Hai Phong City noted that the four teachers
are all the teachers with good qualification and morality.

Despite the strong opposition from teachers, MOET has vowed to stop the movement
of spontaneously opening extra classes. MOET’s Deputy Minister –Nguyen Vinh
Hien, has pointed out that it is the teachers who create the parents’ demand for
bringing their children to extra classes.

“Teachers ask students to solve overly difficult questions. In order to find out
the answers to the questions, the students would have to attend the teachers’
extra classes,” Hien said.


By vivian