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VietNamNet Bridge – H’Linh H’Mok, an Ede ethnic minority student at Central Highland University, has won several prestigious Cuban and Mexican scholarships. Her outstanding academic record is a great source of pride for her local community.

Hunting for scholarships

With her fluency in English and Spanish H’Linh earned a living as a tour guide for foreign visitors to her hometown, but never missed a chance to seek a scholarship.


Ethnic minority girl, int'l scholarships, H’Linh H’Mok
H’Linh H’Mok.

Born in 1987 to a poor family in the mountainous district of EaH’Leo in Dak Lak, H’Linh had studied at the No Trang Long boarding school and was one of its best students for many years.

After enrolling at the Central Highland University’s Physics Teaching Faculty in 2005, H’Linh’s got full physics scholarship from Cuba’s Havana University thanks to her impressive first-year study.

While in Cuba, she tried her best to improve her foreign languages. With strong support from teachers and international friends, she joined in various university events and wrote a number of scientific journal articles.

After graduating from Havana University in 2012, H’Linh was offered another full scholarship by the National Council for Science and Technology of Mexico (CONACYT). The scholarship will pay for an MA course at the Centre for Scientific Research and Higher Education (CICESE) in Ensenada, Baja California.

Earning a living

While studying overseas, H’Linh has saved every possible penny to cover her travel back to her homeland.

“I was very worried when my mum became sick because I could not fly back home to take care of her,” she confides. “My dad passed away a month before I received the scholarship. He would have felt both joy and price of me had he heard of my good news.”


Ethnic minority girl, int'l scholarships, H’Linh H’Mok
H’Linh (in red shirt) with her foreign friends in Cuba.

For three years living far from home H’Linh has earned her keep by guiding foreign tourists to Vietnam and also the admiration of Spanish-speaking visitors who are keen on Vietnam’s history, culture, landscape, and food.

The Ede girl has travelled a lot but always with her burning desire to return to her Central Highland hometown to help the local community.

Before leaving for her MA course in Mexico, H’Linh said she will do all she can for her best academic record.

“As a practical contribution to my homeland I hope to assist gifted ethnic minority children in financial difficult circumstances,” she says. “But there’s still a long way to go before I can see my dream come true.”

Source: VOV

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