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VietNamNet Bridge – Instead of consulting with friends and relatives on their
problems, or thinking of the solutions to overcome difficulties, a lot of
students have commit suicide to escape their hitches.


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A girl’s dead body was picked up from the river in Ha Tinh province on March 6.
The victim was Pham Thi Huyen T, an 11th grade student of Nguyen Trung Thien
High School. The girl was seen jumping from the bridge to the river the night
before, while her dead body was only found early the next morning.

The student committed suicide just because of a minor trouble at school. Some
days before that day, T was scolded by the teacher because of the loss of some
plastic chairs put in the room the key of which was kept by T. The teacher asked
T to report the case, admit her mistake and then submit the report with the
confirmation of parents.

However, T could not have the confirmation of the parents on her report. She
grew up without her father, while her mother was away in Hanoi, she worked as a
domestic help to earn her living. Feeling discontented, T decided to put an end
to her life.

Dinh Van Tuan, a 7th grade boy in Ha Tinh province was found dead after being
hung in early March. The boy hanged himself with the red tie he wore everyday
when going to school. The neighbors and friends of Tuan all affirmed that Tuan
was an obedient boy and good student. However, one day, Tuan made a mistake and
he was asked by the teacher to clean the floor as a punishment. That was enough
for Tuan to decide to kill himself.

In January 2013, a 12th grader of the Luong The Vinh people-founded school in Ha
Nam province suddenly drank a bottle of herbicide during the break time after
she had some disagreements with the teacher. A doctor of the Bach Mai Hospital,
one of the biggest hospitals in Hanoi, where the student was hospitalized, said
herbicide is a very strong toxin which can kill a person with just a small

More and more students nowadays reportedly react to their teachers in negative
ways. Educators have noted that modern students are not as obedient as the
students of the previous generations. Modern students tend to express their own
ideas and hold firms to their beliefs. However, they do not have experiences
about what to do to defend their ideas. In many cases, they try to commit
suicide to prove the “truth.”

In late 2012, Tran Thi The Y, a student of the Tran Ky Phong High School
suddenly cut her wrist to protest against the teaching method.

It was a biology lesson. Y raised his hands, asking for the permission to speak.
However, the teacher did not allow Y to speak, saying that she would exchange
view with Y after the lesson. Then Y warned that he would cut his wrist, and did
what he warned.

The problem was that Y had some disagreements with the teaching method applied
by the biology teacher. The teacher once gave difficult questions and gave bad
marks to the students who could not find the answers. Y, a good student, once
also got a bad mark, which he believed was unfair for him.

The student tried to show that the teaching method was unreasonable which put a
hard pressure on students.

Compiled by Thu Uyen

By vivian