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VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnamese labor export firms all confirmed that they have
received a lot of big orders from Japan, which promises a prosperous year 2013.

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Good orders coming

Dao Cong Hai, Deputy Head of the Overseas Workers Management Agency, an arm of
the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA), said Vietnam
plans to send 8,000-9,000 workers abroad in 2013 after sending 7,000 workers in

Hoang Van Hung, General Director of TTLC – Vinamotor, said a lot of Japanese
partners contacted him in January 2013 place orders on the labor force.

Also according to Hung, Japan is always a very difficult-to-be-pleased market,
and Vietnamese labor export firms would be satisfactory if they can find 10-15
workers for every order. However, the Japanese partners said they need more than
the figures.

Hung said the big orders from Japan promise a prosperous year 2013. TTLC –
Vinamotor then hopes that it can send 200 Vietnamese workers to Japan in 2013.

Le Nhat Tan, Deputy Director of LOD, also a human resource development firm,
said Japan now tends to recruit Vietnamese workers instead of Chinese. “This is
the golden opportunity to send more workers to Japan in 2013. Japan, in all
cases, is always an attractive market because it offers high salaries to

Hai from MOLISA said to date, nearly 100 companies have been allowed to provide
workers to Japan. He also said that Japan is a good market which offers high
incomes, good living conditions and basic benefits for workers.

A Vietnamese worker can receive VND15-30 million a month, depending on their
works. Meanwhile, in Vietnam, a worker with the monthly income of VND10 million
would be listed as high income earner.

In Japan, the workers mostly work in industrial garment factories, electronics
assembling workshops, mechanical engineering and construction.

More Vietnamese workers needed

MOLISA said in 2012, the ministry agreed to send 8,775 Vietnamese workers to
Japan, which means that 731 workers left Vietnam for Japan a month.

Japan is a special market which is always demanding and does not accept workers
with easy conditions like some other markets.

Therefore, the news that Japan orders more Vietnamese workers has made
Vietnamese labor firms excited. Since late 2012, more and more big orders
(50-100 Vietnamese workers) have come

A report said that 1,900 workers had their labor contracts examined in October
2012, while the number was 1,999 in November, 1,720 in December.

Hai believes that the number of Vietnamese workers to Japan would be much higher
in 2013. However, in order to export more workers, Vietnamese labor export firms
would have to take necessary measures to improve the training quality in careers
and foreign language skills.

“Japan is an attractive, but demanding market. Therefore, though the
opportunities have come, Vietnam needs to upgrade its labor quality, or it would
miss the opportunities,” Hai said.

In 2012, the labor export market was once seething with the information that
firms found the candidates to send to Japan to work as nurses at hospitals with
the income of VND40 million, a dream for many Vietnamese. The negotiations with
Japanese competent agencies succeeded when Vietnam proved that it can provide
high qualification workers with good language skills.

LOD’s school in Hung Yen province is the place where is located Arc Academy, the
training establishment appointed to teach Japanese language to the workers to

Vietnam now has 20,000 workers and apprentices in Japan.

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