Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

A group painting exhibition by city-based artists on Wednesday opened at HCMC Association of Fine Arts, displaying about 30 pieces made of oil, mixed media and acrylic or stick oil on canvas.


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“Taking a nap” by Lim Khim Ka Ty.

Works are mostly contemporary, featuring the thoughts of artists about the instabilities of modern life, vulnerability of today’s people who live their lives in hurry, as well as hot social and political issues such as land disputes, the gap between the rich and the poor and environmental pollution.

Visitors may see themselves in the context of the paintings with meditation for morality in urban life or traditional values of young people.

The work ‘Rain’ by Luong Luu Bien, depicts a beautiful female dancer in the rain. Tran Minh Tam brings to the show a work depicting giant nylon bags with water inside, an icon of pollution and poverty and describing the relationship between physical matter and the mental world.

Kim Khim Katy portrays great compassion and empathy for the hardship of women working in construction. Ka Ty’s choice stems from her deep respect and affinity for those hard-working beaten-down people in whom she finds great strength and beauty. Meanwhile, Mac Hoang Thuong attracts visitors’ eyes by endless lines combined that he calls ‘The red land’ and Vo Duy Don depicts the beauty of a sleeping nude lady.

The show runs until April 4 at the association, 218A Pasteur Street in District 3.

Source: SGT

By vivian