Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

VietNamNet’s Le Anh Dung introduces the fancy gardens in Hanoi, which are located next to luxurious villas or unfinished construction projects.


These “urban vegetable gardens” arise amid the capital city because of the worry about unhygienic vegetables. Many townsmen are trying to self-supply with safe vegetables.
 The road separation line of near one kilometer long in the Yen Hoa urban areas also becomes a vegetable garden although it is designed to plant flowers.

The tools of an amateur gardener.
Planting vegetables on the pavement.

In Nam Trung Yen urban area.

Banana trees and vegetable fields adjacent to villas in Yen Hoa urban area.

The sidewalk outside the park of Nam Trung Yen urban area also become a vegetable garden.These vegetable fields make the landscape in this residential urban smudgy.

 Mrs. Phuong, whose home is far from the vegetable field in Yen Hoa, also owns a small vegetable garden here. She said it is cheaper to buy vegetable from the market but she wanted to ensure to have safe vegetable that is produced by herself.


Hundreds of square meters of land in the Yen Hoa urban area, Cau Giay District, Hanoi, is divided into more than ten small plots by households to plant vegetables.

Hanoians now take advantage of every inch of unused land in residential areas, parks, ongoing construction projects, etc. to plant vegetables.

Le Anh Dung

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