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VietNamNet Bridge – Many football clubs are willing to recruit two overseas Vietnamese players — Mac Hong Quan and Michal Nguyen, but they have not made any decisions.


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Michal Nguyen and Mac Hong Quan.

Playing in the Vietnamese national football team is the burning desire of Mac Hong Quan and Michal Nguyen. Before coming back to Vietnam, they did not plan to play for any club in the V-League. At the moment, Hong Quan is an apprentice at the famous FC in Germany – Hertha Berlin.
Hong Quan said, if he is recruited by Hertha Berlin, he will have chance to play against the top FCs of the Bundesliga such as Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund the next season.
If he performs well in the Vietnamese national squad, he will impress Hertha Berlin. Obviously, to join such a big FC, Hong Quan will have to exert great efforts but he has opportunity. A bright future in the Bundesliga is the reason why Hong Quan has not decided to join a local club yet.

Despite of recent progresses, the V-League is not an attractive and professional environment for talented and ambitious players like Hong Quan. Even if he plays well in the national team, playing in the V-league is not a simple task. There are many examples for Hong Quan, the latest one is the case of the Vietnamese American player Lee Nguyen.

There was rumor that Hong Quan will test at the Binh Duong FC after being recommended by coach Mai Duc Chung. However, he has denied the information. “I have not worked with any club in the V-League. I now focus on training and playing in the Vietnamese national team,” he said.

Right after the game between Vietnam and Hong Kong, Hong Quan will return to the Czech Republic to prepare for his high school graduation exam, which will take place in May.

There is also no answer for the case of midfielder Michal Nguyen. His contract with Banik Most FC will expire in June. It means that he will be a free player. He has received many offers from several FC in the V-League and some European FCs.

Earlier this year, Michal Nguyen practiced at the Da Nang FC, which made people think that he wanted to join the team. However, the practice is to maintain his form, Michal does not intent to play for any team in the V-League.

Nam Nguyen

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