Fri. May 27th, 2022

Well known poet Tran Dang Khoa has been presented with the Sunthorn
Phu Award in recognition of his great contributions to Southeast Asian
art and literature, according to VOV.

Sunthorn Phu (1786–1855)
was a famous poet in Thailand and an outstanding global cultural
activist. His greatest work – the epic ‘Phra Aphai Mani’, is considered
an encyclopedia that has had strong influence on the spiritual lives of
the Thai people for over two centuries.

This year, the Sunthorn Phu Award was presented to 10 ASEAN poets, including Tran Dang Khoa from Vietnam.

Addressing the awards ceremony, Khoa expressed his admiration for the
great Thai poet and the award named after him, saying his winning prize
will encourage him to to introduce Vietnamese literature to
international readers.

He also mentioned the late great
Vietnamese great poet Nguyen Du, who is famous for Truyen Kieu (The Tale
of Kieu), and who, together with Sunthorn Phu, will continue
influencing readers and writers in the region and around the world.-VNA

By vivian