Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

Nearly 100 Overseas Vietnamese from the Czech Republic, Hungary and
Germany have played in a single-day friendly table tennis tournament
in Berlin to bolster their bonds.

The tournament, on
March 31, saw the first team prize grabbed by Prague Club. The second
and third prizes went to Budapest Club and Berlin Club.

Individual prize was dominated by top-three table tennis players
including Tran Le Minh from Berlin Club, Do Trong Thang from Prague Club
and Tran Le Vu from Berlin Club.

Berlin Club, established in
2004 under the name Saigon Table Tennis Club, now has 60 members while
Praha Club, founded in 2008, has 35 members.

These clubs hope
to further strengthen solidarity and mutual support among Vietnamese
communities across the European Union through sport movements and

By vivian