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Elbow blows in a strong, flexible
and getting-close offensive are considered one of the fortes of the
Vietnamese traditional martial arts in general and Binh Dinh Gia Martial
Arts School in particular.

To bring into full play the advantage of a
small figure, the nimbleness and cleverness of the Vietnamese people,
long ago Vietnamese martial arts masters, including the masters in the
Binh Dinh Gia martial arts school established many devilish and
effective strikes.

One of the moves of the traditional martial arts is
the “getting close” fighting style which can constrain the opponent’s
height as well as get access to his weak points.

To enhance the advantage of this fighting style the masters often apply
techniques such as lowering the standing position, moving quickly and
cleverly, taking opportunities to strike quick blows, using the elbows,
knees, edges of the hand and tips of the fingers to knock the opponent

The elbow blow is considered the most
effective in “getting close” fighting.

The practitioner can use his
elbows, which are as firm as two metal bars, to attack his opponent at
dangerous body points, such as the waist, belly, back, neck, and head.

With destructive power many times stronger than that of punches, the
elbow blows are considered “deadly blows”.

They can immediately kill an
opponent. Therefore, there are still many mysterious stories about this
strange fighting style.

Elbow blows also have a strong defensive capacity. By using the elbows
cleverly, an excellent martial arts master can form them into a steel
shield to protect his body against his opponent’s attack.

Meeting this
shield, the opponent’s blows and kicks not only rebound back at him but
also hurt.
To use the elbow blows fluently the master must spend time training

Apart from practising to make the elbows hard as steel, which are
able to break a stone block or a fresh coconut, he must enhance his
capacity of moving quickly and flexibly to bring into full play the
“getting-close” fighting style.

A direct elbow blow at the opponent’s face.


With a lower standing position, the martial arts master can deal an elbow blow at his opponent’s waist.
Turning the body to strike an elbow blow at the temple.

A dangerous elbow blow at the nape of the neck.

The elbow blow is one of the moves of the Binh Dinh Gia Martial Arts School.



By vivian