Fri. May 24th, 2024

The close relations between Vietnam and India in general and
between their legislative bodies in particular will continue to develop
as signed agreements open up great potential for cooperation.

The statement was made by Vice NA Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan in an
interview she granted to Lok Sabha Television of India ’s House of
People, on February 22.

Asked about the past wars and
Vietnam ’s secrets in economic development, Ngan affirmed all
resistance wars in Vietnam were to regain independence, freedom and
the right to self-determination.

“And now Vietnam
needs peace for national development,” she stressed, adding that under
the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the Vietnamese people
have been doing their utmost to overcome war aftermaths.

She noted that Vietnam has followed a socialist-oriented market
economy and mobilised the strength of the entire nation and all economic
resources for development, which are the main factor behind its
achievements in the renewal process.

The senior
Vietnamese legislator affirmed that the Vietnamese government has always
paid due attention to improving the living standards of people of all
strata, especially the poor, and worked to make the society fairer
through social welfare systems.

Vietnam ’s efforts in poverty reduction have been applauded by international organisations, she said.

Regarding Vietnamese women’s role and gender equality, Ngan affirmed
that gender equality is stipulated in the Constitution and laws of
Vietnam .

Vietnamese women have participated in
various social activities, with many of them holding important posts in
the National Assembly, State, Party and Government, she said, adding
that women make up 24.4 percent in the Vietnamese NA.

Later on the day, the NA Vice Chairwoman met with the staff of the Vietnamese Embassy in India .

During her stay, Ngan witnessed the opening session of the Indian
Parliament, met with Speaker of the House of People Meira Kumar,
Chairman of the Council of States and Indian Vice President Hamid Ansari
and representatives of the India-Vietnam Friendship Association.

She also visited India ’s NA Parliament Museum and a number of cultural and historical sites in the country.-VNA

By vivian