Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

Trade promotion and tourism cooperation should be prioritised between
Vietnam and Turkey , said a seminar in Hanoi on April 5.

The seminar, jointly held by the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences
and the Centre of Strategic Research under the Turkish Embassy, marks
the 35 th anniversary of the two countries’ bilateral diplomatic ties.

Associate Prof. Dr . Do Duc Dinh, a senior expert
of the Research Institute of Africa and the Middle East, said it is time
for Vietnam to pay attention to and give priority to expanding
cooperation with Turkey, which is expected to become a trustworthy
partner and a bridge to help Vietnam further ties with countries in
Western Asia, Africa and Europe.

The solution is to start negotiating a free trade agreement with the country as soon as possible, he said.

Vietnam-Turkey ties have seen rapid, practical and effective
development since 1997, when the two countries inked a bilateral trade

The same year, Turkey opened its embassy
in Hanoi and six years later, the Vietnamese Embassy officially
commenced operations in Ankara , Turkey ’s capital.

Since then, Vietnam has considered Turkey as one of its leading
partners, proven by the fact that the country is now Vietnam ’s largest
trade partner in Western Asia .

Cooperation in investment, tourism, labour and strategic dialogue has also enjoyed remarkable outcomes.

With a special strategic and geographical location in both Asia and
Europe, and a proactive foreign policy that is adjusted to suit the new
situation, Turkey has proven its significant role in both regions and
its capacity to balance relations between developed countries in Europe,
America and developing nations.

The new moves
offer both opportunities and challenges in the efforts to develop the
comprehensive cooperation between Vietnam and Turkey.-VNA

By vivian