Thu. May 26th, 2022

Two vessels belonging to the Vietnam People’s Navy returned to the
central province of Khanh Hoa on June 30, following the end of a
successful joint patrol with Chinese naval forces.

the patrol, now in its fifteenth, Vietnam’s HQ11 and HQ12 joined Chinese
naval ships to train in the use of light and radio signals, as well as
undertaking search and rescue drills at sea.

In addition,
the Vietnamese ships paid a courtesy visit to the authorities of Zhan
Jiang, a city in the Chinese southern coastal province of Guangdong, and
the High Command of the Nanhai Fleet.

The Vietnamese seamen
shared their experiences of patrols at sea and took part in sports and
cultural activities with the fleet’s units.

The joint patrol,
which started on June 22, helped strengthen the friendly relationship
and the mutual understanding and trust between the neighbours’ two
armies and navies.

It is expected to contribute to the
maintaining of order and security in the Tonkin Gulf and Vietnam’s
waters, which will in turn create a friendly atmosphere and reduce risks
of clashes at sea.-VNA

By vivian