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VietNamNet Bridge – In the traditional knife and scissor making village of Da Sy, in Kien Hung ward, Ha Dong district, Hanoi, Mr. Hoang Van Dieu is honored as the top artisan. Scissors carved with his name are popular throughout the countries and exported to Laos and Cambodia.

Da Sy, village, blacksmith, forging, artisan, craft village, scissorsMr. Hoang Van Dieu and his wife.

Dieu often produces knives and scissors under orders and his family’s output cannot meet demand. At the age of nearly 60, Dieu is still very healthy and works as good as a young man. Dieu and his wife work hard every day to make the best knives and scissors. He can make a scissors every two hours.

Dieu’s family produced suitcases for many years but Dieu chose forging as his career. At the age of 14, Dieu went to the blacksmith’s of Mr. Cham, his uncle, to learn this occupation. He went to the blacksmith’s at 6am and left at 6pm. Recalling the first days, he cannot forget the strict, hot-tempered but talented teacher. Thanks to his fastidious teacher, Dieu has become a careful, hardworking and talented blacksmith.

In the first three years, he learned how to make chisels, knives and scissors. After that, the teacher transferred all of the secrets of blacksmith to Dieu.

According to Dieu, forging is hard and difficult. Without passion for this job, one will be unable to pursue. Previously, all stages were performed manually. Today, blacksmiths are supported by machines. Dieu says that in Da Sy village, the number of skilled workers who are specialized in only one product such as scissors, knives, etc. is many, there are several who can make all kinds of products.

Da Sy, village, blacksmith, forging, artisan, craft village, scissors

It is simpler to make knives than scissors because knives have only one blade. To make a quality pair of scissors or a knife, the most important stages is tempering steel and making the product shape. Every family has a secret of its own and the secret is just passed to the family members. With his family, in addition to scissors, he can make knives, chisels, etc.

Being luckier than Dieu, Mr. Trinh Van Tuyen, 47, was born in the family with many generations making knives and scissors so he learned this trade when he was very small. Tuyen’s father and grandfather were famous craftsmen in the village. Tuyen is now a famous knife maker in Da Sy village.

His knife enterprise employs all family members and two apprentices. Every day the workshop produces 250 knives, selling at the wholesale price of VND15,000/knife ($1.6). Referring to his successor, Tuyen said his son has just graduated from college but he has returned home to make knives with his father. Tuyen can make various products but he said that he focuses on knives only to have the best products.

Da Sy, village, blacksmith, forging, artisan, craft village, scissors

Mr. Dinh Cong Doan is praised for his top-quality butcher’s knives. Currently, his workshop is run by his two sons and he is the technical advisor. After demobilization, Doan returned home to learn forging. He went to all famous blacksmith’s to learn their experience. He also bought knives of Thailand and China to research.

At first he gave his knives to butchers for free. Gradually, they trusted in the quality of his products and bought them. At present, his butcher’s knives are distributed in many provinces.

His family always welcomes guests from other provinces. Every time when getting a customer, to bring courtesy he gives cassava, or gives a corn bag as a gift.

According to Dinh Cong Doan, former president of the Da Sy village forging association, the village currently has more than 700 blacksmiths.

Compiled by Nam Nguyen

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