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VietNamNet Bridge – While many people have unhygienic, anti-science and insatiable eating habits, some others try to maintain the clean, scientific eating habits and are struggling to find ways to eat foods that contain no chemicals.

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Many people grow vegetables at home to have safe food. 

Taking advantage of all the space on the top floors, balconies, roads, pavements etc. to grow some vegetables for safe meals is the way that many urban people are using. However, this cannot meet the demand. Thus, many women think of new ways to make vegetable sources become more abundant.

Mrs. Minh, in Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi, finds an effective solution. She asked an acquaintance to contact with some farmers in the suburban district of Soc Son to hire them to grow safe vegetables for her. These people sow seed, then Minh sends organic fertilizers and bio-pesticides to them to fertilizer for vegetables. When vegetables are harvested, Minh purchases the vegetables with the price that is double the market price. However, the farmers must fertilizer the vegetables with only the things that Minh provides them.

Thanks to this method, Minh believes that she really has a source of safe vegetables while the farmers earn higher profit. Every week she goes to Soc Son once to harvest vegetables to store in the refrigerator for a week. Some people have imitated Minh.

In the meantime, taking advantage of the abandoned land that she cannot sell in the current time of difficult economics, Mrs. Ha from Cau Giay District, Hanoi, plants vegetables on the land. She also joins some friends to hire an acquaintance in the suburban district of Tu Liem to raise pigs for them. The pigs are only fed with bran, rice and vegetables, absolutely no growth stimulants. She absolutely does not buy meat in the market.

Meanwhile, a plentiful and safer source of supply of vegetables and food is from rural areas. Many people living and working in Hanoi only buy vegetables and meat from the rural, through their rural relatives.

Mrs. Thanh, Dong Da District, Hanoi, says that she buys rice from a relative in Bac Ninh province. “I read in the newspaper that rice is even made from plastic or is sprayed with chemicals to keep it dry longer, not moldy. Now everything is harmful, I only try to eat much safe food as I can”, she says.

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