Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

A senior Russian communist party leader has applauded Vietnam ’s achievements on its path to building socialism.

Chairman of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (KPRF)’s
Central Committee Ghennady Ziuganov made the statement on February 24
at a reception for a high-ranking Vietnamese delegation led by Ngo Van
Du, a Politburo member and head of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV)
Central Committee’s Commission for Inspection. The delegation is in
Russia to attend the 15th congress of the KPRF that opened in Moscow on
February 23.

Chairman Ziuganov said that relations
between the KPRF and the CPV will be further consolidated and
intensified on the path of building socialism and communism in the two

He expressed his delight at the developing
ties between the two parties, saying that this would help create a
foundation for further strengthening the two countries’ comprehensive
strategic partnership.

The chairman recalled his
memories of Russia-Vietnam relations during the war against the US, 
adding that communists in the State Duma, the Lower House of the
Federal Assembly of Russia, always call for further boosting ties with
Vietnam .

He also touched upon particular projects in
areas of bilateral cooperation, saying that Russian party members
responsible for the projects will play active roles to see the projects
through in the time to come. He also expressed his hope that the
Vietnamese side will create the most favourable conditions for the

Ziuganov stressed that Vietnam, along
with China, Cuba, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and Laos, serves as an example to drive the KPRF, other communist and workers
parties to realise their goal of building a socialist society in their
respective countries.

Du, who is also secretary of the
central committee of the CPV, congratulated the KPRF for its
achievements in the past years, wishing that the two parties will enjoy
further development in their cooperation, solidarity and friendship.

The Vietnamese party official expressed gratitude to the KPRF leaders
for their constant support to Vietnam in developing Vietnam-Russia ties
and socio-economic development projects.

On this
occasion, the Vietnamese delegation laid a wreath at the Ho Chi Minh
Monument at the Ho Chi Minh Square in Moscow. They also had a meeting
with staff from the Vietnamese embassy in Russia and representatives of
Vietnamese associations and students.

At the meeting,
Du updated the community on the country’s latest situation, new
policies and guidelines of the Party and State in the new context.

The country is implementing policies with short- and long-term measures
for sustainable socio-economic development, and the protection of its
national sovereignty, he added.-VNA

By vivian