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VietNamNet Bridge – Within 15-20 days, the skin will peel off and be replaced by white and flawless skin like Snow White. This beautiful advertising has turned the skin peeling off service into a whirlwind that sweeps away cities and also the countryside.


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The unlabeled cream priced VND240,000 ($12) that Ha used for exfoliation.

This service has attracted the attention of many young people because the cost for a beauty therapy course with this method is not high and it works very fast.

“I had to pay only about VND2 million ($100) for a course to have the skin as good as I wished,” says Nguyen Ha, 23, from Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi, who used this service three times in 2012.

“However, if you want to keep that skin, you have to take care of the skin carefully by regularly applying moisturizer, avoiding sunlight and dust and using the skin peeling service each few months,” Ha adds.

That is also the reason why Ha used the service three times last year.

Following Ha, we went to a spa on Lo Duc Street, Hanoi. The owner, a woman named N, boasted: “Many people, including singers and actresses, have come here for our skin whitening service. All of them were very happy because their old skin was peeled off, along with spots, freckles, acnes, to be replaced with a new white, smooth and flawless skin.”

N says that users will have to apply a specialized crème for peeling off their skin for 15-20 days or 1 month. During these days, they have to take care of the skin carefully, avoid the sun, avoid dust … Every day they have to go to the spa to steam and massage their face to clean the old skin. The skin may peel off in big pieces, or just like fish scales, depending on each person’s skin and the cream they use.

The woman does not hide the origin of the peeling creams that she uses for customers. She says that most of the creams are mixed by her own spa, using some secret formulas, and the remaining come from China. “However, everyone could see the effect very clearly,” she stresses.


skin peeling, skin whitening service, spa, beauty, women, vietnam, rural 

The photo of skin peeling off service may make people scared. 

At a spa on Le Trong Tan Road, Hanoi, T – a massage therapist here also says that this skin peeling method appeared in Hanoi several years ago, but until now it is in vogue. Up to 80 percent of the spa’s customers used this service because they see quick effect while the cost is reasonable.

“Many people also used this cream to peel off their neck, back and body skin and achieved the desired results,” T says.

“The only thing is during the peeling off procedure, the skin will be very painful, sore and a little swollen so not everyone is brave enough to do,” T said.

Skin peeling off goes to the countryside

Visiting his hometown in Van Yen, Yen Bai province, Ms. Hoang in Ha Dong district, Hanoi was surprised to see everyone is as white as Snow White.

“Even the women working in the fields or selling goods at the market have pinky white skin,” Hoang said.

It turned out that these women used a kind of exfoliation cream which was priced only $10-15 but could remove black and flaw skin and replace it by white skin. However, after owning the white skin a short time, many of them had to go to hospital.

A bread saleswoman thoug worked on the pavement did not want to lose the opportunity to “turn the duck into a swan.” But just three days after applying the peeling cream, her face was swollen, huge blisters grew so she had to see a doctor for urgently transmitting water.

Ms. Lan, a saleswoman in Van Yen market, had pinky white skin after one month using the peeling cream. But since she worked all day in the market, under the sun, her skin quickly became darken and much worse than before the peeling.

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