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VietNamNet Bridge – Police in Haiphong City concluded on March 20 that it was the son, and not the grandfather, who set family on fire because of disappointment over having only daughters.  

Grandfather burns his daughter-in-law for not having a son 


Haiphong, family burning case, Tran Dinh Diep
Tran Dinh Diep at the police station.

After receiving the results of the investigation, police believe that at around 20:00 on March 17, Tran Dinh Diep took his wife and two young daughters to their house in Xich Tho Hamlet, An Duong District. That night Diep’s wife got into a physical confrontation with his father, in which they reportedly attempted to strangle each other.


Haiphong, family burning case, Tran Dinh Diep
Tran Thu Huyen brought to the hamlet for funeral.

Diep and his mother tried to break up the altercation, but failed. At this point Diep threatened that he would set fire to the house if they continued. Diep then took a petrol can and poured gasoline around the bed, setting it on fire. Six family members were hospitalised for burns.

Tran Thu Huyen, Diep’s 4-year old daughter, died on March 18 due to severe burns. A day later Hau, Diep’s father, also succumbed to his injuries. A third death, that of Tran Nhu Ngoc, Diep’s 5-year old daughter was reported on March 20.

Source: DTriNews

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