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VietNamNet Bridge – Although the Ministry of Transportation proposed to not fine the owner of a vehicle that is not registered under his/her name, from April 15, the Ministry of Public Security will fine this type of violation.


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The Ministry of Public Security has issued Circular 11 guiding the implementation of administrative fines on traffic violations.

Accordingly, from April 15, police will penalize those who possess a vehicle that could have been sold, transferred or presented to him while procedures for change of ownership have yet to be completed after 30 days.

However, the Circular says that traffic policemen cannot stop vehicles in circulation to check for and ownership registration and impose fine on this violation.

The promulgation of Circular 11 has been widely protested.

Minister of Transportation Dinh La Thang said the fine for vehicles without ownership transferring is not highly feasible and it was controversial. He suggested to temporarily cancel it.

Ms. Tran Minh Hien, Head of the Legal Department of the Ministry of Transportation, said the system of legal documents guiding the administrative fine on vehicles without ownership transferring is still insufficient and inconsistent. She also proposed to not impose fine on this act.

The public is also concerned about the effect of the Ministry of Public Security’s Circular 11 in the coming time when the related decrees and laws are ratified.

Fine for not transferring vehicle ownership should be applied in the next two years

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Hiep, Vice Chair of the National Traffic Safety Committee, said the fine for not transferring ownership of vehicles is right. But after the fine was raised by six times, the people expressed their disagreement.

The government instructed the Ministry of Finance to lower the ownership transferring fee, the Ministry of Public Security to shorten the ownership transferring procedures and the related agencies to deal with problems association with ownership transferring.

The compilers of the draft Decree on administrative fines on traffic violations of the Ministry of Transportation have found out some problems in the Ministry of Public Security’s Circular 11 and related documents.

They said that the necessary time for preparing for the implementation of penalty on vehicles without ownership transferring is at least two years.

Talking about the difference between the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Transportation on this issue, Mr. Hiep said that difference between ministries on a policy is quite normal.  This is the social criticism and many decrees issued by the government still receive different reviews.

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