Tue. Dec 12th, 2023

VietNamNet Bridge – While same-sex marriage is still a controversial issue and not legally recognized, gay couples are still living together and do not stop struggle for their happiness.

Looking forward to a true “home” 

homosexual, gay, lesbian, weddingHomosexuals living together is not “uncommon”. Photo for illustration.

Finding out that he was a gay at puberty, Jacky Tran (a manager of a forum supporting gay marriage) said, he wished to get married to his boyfriend under the permission of the law because with the legal recognition, he and his boyfriend can fully live happily together.

“If the law does not permit, I was afraid that one day, if something happens for my boyfriend, I would not have the right of relative to take care of him at the hospital, the right in case of emergency, or the right to take care of our adopted children, “Tran said

Talking about his love, Tran said, he and his ‘lover’ have had a two-year relationship after a quite long time knowing and learning about each other. Their relation is supported by his friends and families, especially his parents.

He said that when two people love each other, they both direct to one main purpose, to build a happy family.

“For the great love to my lover, I’m passionate to struggle for gay marriage rights, not only for me but for the entire other gays,” Jacky Tran said.

He also added that among his gay friends, there are many couples have lived together for a long time, 5 years, 6 years and even 10 years but their love is still very strong. Therefore if saying that gay love is not durable, it is incorrect.

Gay love will last, if …


homosexual, gay, lesbian, weddingBut they are still “dreaming” about a true “family” which is recognized by law.

Looking at life of homosexuals, many people have said that their love is often not durable and many gays also agree with it.

The cause of this thinking comes from the real life of gay not from the nature of the same-sex love.

Currently homosexuals living together freely without binding of legislation, mainly based on emotional love so when something happens they easily break up because there is not much binding in terms of law and family responsibilities.

Jacky Tran said: “We can see that if couples of men and women are in conflict, they have the help of the two families to conciliate or they have their children to heal the wounds. For their children, they can overcome conflicts. But for the homosexuals, no one helps them heal the wound?”

“Therefore, if the law recognizes gay marriage, it will create favorable conditions for them to live together happily and normally like any other couples,” he said.

In fact, whether being legally recognized or not, the wish to live together of the homosexuals is still a legitimate need. If it is permitted by law and accepted by society, homosexuals will have another chance to mingle with life like any other heterosexual couple …

Hieu Minh

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