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Many areas in Hanoi may face water shortages due to forecasted heat waves while demand for clean water would also increase this summer, according to the Centre for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting.


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Da River pipeline has broken multiple times and caused difficulties to many residents

According to the centre, demand for clean water in summer increases by 12-15% in summer and this summer’s heat waves will be intense and long. The Ministry of Construction has asked four water companies in the area to quickly draft plans to deal with the shortage.

The authorities and companies should raise the capacity of some pumping stations, repair the pipes, upgrade and build new stations while adopting water-saving measures.

Hanoi Water Company were upgrading their network so that they will be able to provide 1,150,000 to 1.3 million cubic metres per day by April 15. Viwasupco said were speeding up the second phrase to increase the capacity of Da River pumping station from 300,000 to 600,000 cubic metres per day. Meanwhile, Duong River Surface Water Plant is also completing a new water plant with the capacity of providing 300,000 cubic metres a day.

However, due to rapid urbanisation, they will have troubles providing water to households in higher areas. During the peak of the summer, areas that use water from Viwaco Company will lack 30,000 cubic metres a day.

When being asked about the frequent breakdowns of Da River pipeline, Hanoi Water Company said there were still many risks because the pipeline was responsible for transferring 219,295 cubic metres a day, accounting for 23.27% of Hanoi’s total clean water. When the pipeline broke multiple times before, residents in Thanh Xuan, Nam Tu Liem, Dong Da, Cau Giay, Ba Dinh and Ha Dong districts were badly affected.

Hanoi Water Company said they had prepared water trucks to deal with water shortages.

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