Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

The compiling board under the Committee for drafting amendments to the
1992 Constitution held its 7th plenary meeting in Hanoi on
April 3 to review the updated draft based on the comments from the

Addressing the event, National Assembly
Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung said the people nationwide have expressed
their will through their recommendations to the draft amendments. It is
the job of the compiling board to sum up the feedback and select
suitable contents for the constitutional amendments, he said, adding
that the selection must be based on good reasons and well-founded

At the same time, the reasons why certain opinions cannot be accepted must also be explained to the public.

Underscoring the feedback collection as one of the major activities in
the country’s political life, Hung said the organisation of the
referendum should be examined so that it will be done better from now

The NA chairman said public opinions on the
draft will continue to be gathered and sent to the committee for
drafting amendments until September 30 this year before the draft
revised constitution is submitted to the National Assembly.-VNA

By vivian