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VietNamNet Bridge – After treatment of aging in Taiwan last year, the health of 29-year-old woman from Hoi An town – Nguyen Thi Ngoc Mai – was better and she looked younger. But for the last one month, her health has declined and her skin has been itchy again.

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Ngoc Mai after being treated in Taiwan (right) and at present.

We met Mai after more than 10 months she returned from the aging treatment trip to Taiwan. Compared with the first time we saw her, Mai was not different much.

She said: “For over two weeks I began suffering from headaches and dizziness. I cannot eat. I vomit everything I take and I’m very tired. Occasionally I feel tingling in the hands and feet. Before going to Taiwan, my weight was 34kg. After the treatment, I was about 36kg and I’m 32kg now,” Mai said.

Mai said before the lunar New Year, through the Taiwan Trade Promotion Centre’s representative office in Ho Chi Minh City, she went to Hanoi to see the doctor who treated her in Taiwan for health check. After examination, the doctor gave her drugs and encouraged her to eat more to gain weight. But now she vomits all the time and her health is weakening.

“I’m still taking medication that the Taiwanese doctor gave me, but the condition is not yet supported. Perhaps I will never get rid of my “aging” destiny. Now I just hope to have good health to work for my two children,” she said.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Mut, Mai’s mother, said although Mai’s health has declined for a month, she still tries to work as a hired tailor to earn additional income for the family. Mai now lives with his parents and two children. Her husband is also sick so he lives with his parents.

“These days were scorching hot so I told her to stay home but she insisted to go to work to support her kids’ study. She once fainted on the road. We could not do anything, just hugging each other to cry,” she said.

Every day, though eating little and often having headache, Mai still goes to a tailor’s shop in Hoi An ancient town to work. She is paid VND50,000 ($2.5) for machine-sewing a suit. But there were days that she could not finish a suit and earned nothing.

“Despite poor health, aging face, I still try to struggle to live and earn money to support my children. In particular I must live so as not to betray those who helped me. Now I just wish to have health to work for my kids,” Mai said.

Mai was born on 28/02/1984. At 12, Mai started to age, with signs of disease: many red dots on the hand skin, tingling all over the body, and then the red spot appeared densely all over the body. The face gradually deformed and got swollen.

On 21/10/2011, the Hoan My Hospital in Da Nang examined and began treating the disease. In late March 2012, from the help of the Representative Office of the Taiwan Trade Promotion Center in HCM City, Mai went to Taiwan for nearly two months of treatment.

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