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VietNamNet Bridge – In October this year, the Ministry of Industry and Trade will have to submit a report on the hydropower master plan, naming the projects subject to cancellation, those forced to make adjustments and those allowed to continue.

The committees of the National Assembly (NA) are supervising implementation of the seven resolutions released at the NA meeting four months ago, one of them being to address inefficient hydropower projects, said Nguyen Hanh Phuc, chairman of the NA Office.

At the sixth NA meeting slated for this October, the ministry will have to report on the hydropower master plan after review, pointing out the projects to face the axe and suggesting measures to ensure hydropower safety, he said.

“We will look into Hoa Binh Hydropower Plant, which has been operating for decades,” said Nguyen Duc Hien, vice chairman of the NA committee on science, technology and environment, at a conference on implementation of the NA resolutions on Monday.

At Hoa Binh Hydropower Plant and Son La Hydropower Plant, the NA will examine how they carry out compensation and resettlement and deal with their shortcomings.

At the NA meeting in November 2012, the trade ministry delivered a report on inspection of hydropower projects, especially the small- and medium-scale ones. However, there has been no final determination on which projects will have to stop and which will continue.

Currently, the fates of many hydropower projects remain undecided. For example, controversy over Dong Nai 6 and Dong Nai 6A hydropower plants has yet to be settled.

The NA has also urged the economic committee to oversee the Ministry of Construction when it implements Resolution 40 to cope with the frozen real estate market, handling unused land, restructuring the apartment market segment, tackling property bad debt and meeting the housing demand.

As for the banking system, the NA financial and budgetary committee and the economic committee are asked to supervise its restructuring, along with bad debt settlement. The gold market must be properly managed, and gold cannot be used as a means of payment.

For efficient management, accountability must be clearly defined, said Nguyen Dinh Quyen, vice chairman of the NA law committee.

Representatives of the NA delegations of some provinces said one official had to take on several responsibilities at the same time, so management efficiency remained a question.

At the fifth NA meeting slated for this May, the NA will conduct vote of confidence for the officials elected by the NA and local people’s councils, including the Government members, ministers and leaders of the industries supervised by the NA.

Source: SGT

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