Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Nguyen Minh Quang
attended the 19th meeting of the Mekong River Commission (MRC) in
Luang Prabang, Laos from January 16-17.

Delegates from the four MRC member countries (Vietnam, Cambodia,
Laos and Thailand) discussed the commission’s 2013 budget, the
process of implementing the Hua hin (Thailand) Declaration, and the
MRC Council’s 2011 meeting decision to conduct a study on sustainability
in water resource development and management in the Mekong River
Basin , including hydroelectricity.

The meeting
approved the study outline and will submit it to the Japanese Government
with other proposals for financial assistance.

also asked the MRC Secretariat to screen the regulation system of the
council’s organisations to boost cooperation for sustainable and
effective resource development in the region.-VNA

By vivian