Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

The Vietnam Prosperity Commercial Bank (VPBank) has received the
Straight Through Process (STP) Award for 2012 from the Bank of New York
Mellon (BNY Mellon) for the seventh consecutive year.

The honour was presented to the VPBank’s representative at a ceremony
in Hanoi on March 27, in recognition of its outstanding
international payment services.

Last year, the bank
made efforts in ensuring all its transactions to be processed
automatically at BNY Mellon in an accurate and quick manner.

The annual award proves the operational accuracy by VPBank operators
in general and its international payment officers in particular.

With the prestigious award, the quality of VPBank international
payment services as well as the institution’s operation has been
recognised by the international community, a VPBank executive said.

At the same time, the relationship between VPBank and BNY Mellon will
be elevated to a new level as both companies seek to achieve their
optimum goals of satisfying customers with the best possible payment
services, he noted.

The leader took the occasion to
brief on the bank’s plan for 2013 that will focus on improving its
service quality, increasing added values and excelling conveniences to
reach the international standard level.

Last year,
VPBank won a host of awards, including the National Brand Award; the
Vietnam Strong Brand, the Most Satisfactory Bank Services Award; the
Award for the Best Agency in Outbound Growth, the Award for the Best in
Network Growth and the Award for Highest Rate of Service Activation by
Western Union, and the Straight Through Process award by Wells Fargo.

As a top world financial institution based in New York, BNY Mellon
has a total asset of 25,000 billion USD. The 229-year bank has offices
scattering in over 38 countries and 65 cities across the world.-VNA

By vivian