Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam are always willing to cooperate with
Russia to further promote economic arbitration cooperation.

The assertion was made by Le Minh Tri, Vice President of the People’s
Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, when he received Amasov C.M, Vice
President of the Russian supreme commercial court and a Vietnam-Russia
friendship delegation on April 5.

At the reception,
the Russian official suggested that the two countries establish
cooperative relations in the field by studying the law system to
discover similar features and jointly compile documents pertaining to
the two countries’ legal activities and courts.

said he hopes that the municipal leaders will support the promotion of
exchanges between Vietnam and Russia in terms of economics and
society, especially at a time when bilateral trade is growing rapidly.

Minh said that Ho Chi Minh City is now a giant
economic centre with many domestic and international businesses
operating in the city. It requires the city’s leader and relevant
agencies to work together to deal with trade competition issues.

Currently, commercial arbitration centres in the city are actively
operating, which is expected to create a wealth of opportunities for the
city and Russia to exchange information in the field.-VNA

By vivian