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VietNamNet Bridge – A restaurant with 70 seats and the space area of 150
square meter can obtain the turnover of VND1 billion a month. The huge profit
explains why more and more restaurants, domestic and foreign invested, have


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Everyone now has to practice thrift in the context of the economic difficulties.
However, while they have to cut down the budget on all other luxurious products
and services, they have not cut down spending on the lunches and dinners at
luxurious restaurants.

That explains why restaurants have been unhurt in the economic recession.

At noon of February 19, 2013, or the 10th day of the new lunar year of snake,
when office workers went back to work for the second day, the area reserved for
food and restaurants at Vincom Center was seen full of customers. Nem Vuong,
Sumo BBQ, Wrap Roll restaurants here were nearly full occupied.

At Kumho shopping mall, while the fashion kiosks were deserted with a few of
visitors, the Thai and Japanese cuisine restaurants at the centers were full of

On Le Quy Don Street, the restaurants here reported that they received guests
everyday on Tet holiday.

Restaurant business is believed to be the most profitable type of business,
while it does not require heavy investments. Tre Restaurant, for example, has
the modest investment rate of VND400 million mostly spent on leasing the 1,500
square meter premises.

It was estimated that Tre needed to obtain the daily turnover of VND4 million to
make profit. However, in fact, the turnover could be up to VND7 million a day.

A lot of investors have been succeeding with their business with restaurants.
Khoai restaurants in HCM City, which was set up three years ago, have always
been fully occupied during the lunchtime and dinnertime.

Nguyen Thi Ngoc Diep, the owner of Khoai Restaurant on Le Quy Don Street said
the restaurant always enjoy large custom, including on Tet days, with people
coming to ask for Nha Trang’s specialty food.

The Japanese-styled restaurants are numerous in HCM City. Sushi bar, Tokyo Deli,
Coca Suki, Sakura, Oshima are the well-known brands to customers. Meanwhile,
more and more new restaurants serving Japanese dishes have been established.
Especially, a new restaurant, Kissho, has just been set up on Nguyen Hue Street
in HCM City which covers an area of 1,000 square meters and the capacity of 200
guests. This is now considered the biggest Japanese styled restaurant in the

Like Khoai, the restaurant named “48” serving western food run by a former chef
of the New World Hotel on Le Thi Rieng street, has always been fully occupied.
The great success of the first restaurant has prompted the owner to set up the
second restaurant in district 10.

On the eighth day of the lunar new year, the third restaurant 48 opened which is
near the first one of the chain. Meanwhile, Restaurant “Tao” at Vincom Center B
owned by the well-known actress Truong Ngoc Anh, has reported satisfactory
profit, though it was just opened six months ago.

Investors have whispered in each others’ ears that Mocgroup is the restaurant
which has the highest investments. Besides the chain of six broken rice
restaurants named “Moc” in HCM City and one Moc restaurant in Hanoi, the owner
of the chain is developing three restaurant chains as well – China Deli, Chili
Thai and Rom BBQ.


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