Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

The southern Ba Ria-Vung Tau province on February 18 granted investment
licences to five projects totally valued at 28 million USD and over 2.3
trillion VND (109.5 million USD), completing 20 percent of its target
for 2013.

Of the projects, licenced during the Lunar New Year Investment Festival, two are financed by foreign investors.

Notably, the Blue Sapphire Resort funded by the Asia Tourism and
Investment Construction company has a capital of 1.351 billion VND (64.3
million USD) and the Blue Sea Resort, 931 billion VND (44 million USD).

The other projects, focusing on logistics,
education and renewable energy, are undertaken by Taiwan ’s
Thuong Du Vietnam, Vietnam-based branch of Singaporean Pengasus company,
and DVA Renewable Energy company.

Last year,
despite the gloomy economic situation, the province attracted 53
projects, including 19 foreign-invested ones, with a total investment of
500 million USD and 38 trillion VND.

So far, 302
foreign-invested projects have operated in the province with a total
capital of nearly 27.5 billion USD, besides 413 valid
domestically-funded projects valued at 222 trillion VND (105 billion

By vivian