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Government issues new standard form for contracts related to sharing oil and gas production

On 22 April 2013, the Government issued Decree No 33/2013/ND-CP promulgating a Contract Form for oil and gas production sharing contracts.

Accordingly, this Decree promulgates a standard form for production sharing contracts that shall be complied with. The Viet Nam National Oil and Gas Group only deals with other terms and conditions based on the bidding or negotiation results as provided in Clause 20.7 of the standard contract form (special agreements).

In case of approval from the Prime Minister, parties to the contract may choose not to apply the standard contract form.

The Decree is not applicable to oil and gas contracts signed before the effective date of this Decree. These contracts shall be executed in accordance with the standard form provided under Decree No 139/2005/ND-CP dated 11 November 2005 of the Government.

This Decree takes effect from 8 June 2013 replacing Decree No 139/2005/ND-CP.

New regulations on telecommunications services require telecoms to publish more info on service standards

The Ministry of Information and Communications issued Circular No 08/2013/TT-BTTTT on 26 March, stipulating quality control on telecommunications services.

Under this Circular, the quality of telecommunications services which are in “the list of telecommunications services subject to quality control” must be assessed by telecoms and published on the company’s websites.

Accordingly, telecommunications enterprises shall lodge a dossier on quality announcement, including Notifications on telecommunications service quality, to the Viet Nam Telecommunications Authority under the Ministry of Information and Communications for approval.

On approval from Viet Nam Telecommunications Authority, this Notification shall be published on the website of the telecommunications enterprise.

Meanwhile, the quality of telecommunications services for firms not on the list shall be announced by telecommunications enterprises on their websites based on the optional standards at the discretion of the enterprise.

In addition, telecommunications enterprises are required to report quarterly or on request on the quality of provided telecommunication services to the Telecommunications Department.

The Circular takes effect as of 10 May, 2013 and replaces Decision 33/2006/QD-BBCVT dated 06 September, 2006. Bizconsult law LLC

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