Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

The Ministry of Finance has issued Directive No. 3847/BTC-QlG ordering
relevant municipal and provincial departments to enhance price
management and stabilisation.

The move came as
part of efforts to prevent dealers from pushing up the prices of
essential commodities improperly on the back of rising retail petrol
price, which rose by 1,430 VND to 24,580 VND per litre from March 28.

Relevant agencies were requested to constantly
monitor prices of key commodities like food, foodstuff, medicines, milk,
and gas, as well as transport services.

At the
same time, they must keep a close eye on price registration and
declaration, clamp down on price hike registrations which are not
directly affected by the fuel cost adjustment, as well as supervise
prices of products and services imposed by the State.

Those engaged in production with intensive use of petroleum and oil
are also encouraged to innovate technology and apply fuel-saving
solutions, thus helping increase output and lower selling prices.-VNA

By vivian