Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

Vietnamese masterpieces return home

Precious paintings: Two paintings, Lovers in a Landscape and Two Lovers, by Vu Cao Dam are among the artworks which will soon be brought to Viet Nam. — Photos

HA NOI (VNS)— Works of artists from Indochina Fine Arts College’s first generation will be brought to Viet Nam by collector Nguyen Minh.

Minh bought three artworks by Vu Cao Dam and Tran Quang Tran at an auction at the Asian 20th Century Contemporary Art Show in Hong Kong early this week.

The two paintings, both oils, are Lovers in a Landscape and Two Lovers by Vu Cao Dam and West Lake by Tran Quang Tran which were previously owned by foreign collectors.

“I like Two Lovers the most because it is not only a masterpiece by a Vietnamese painter but is also very typical characters of Vietnamese culture,” said Minh.

Minh also successfully bid in the US for two other paintings by Vu Cao Dam. The paintings will come back to Viet Nam within two weeks.

Dam had at many exhibitions in Paris and in the south of France. His paintings have been added to the permanent collections of museums in Algiers and France.

Tran was among the avant-garde to develop traditional lacquer paintings with different materials, keeping it distinctive from work done in Japan and China. — VNS

By vivian