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Limbless writer to visit Viet Nam

Motivational: Vietnamese translation of the autobiography Unstoppable by Nick Vujicic was introduced to readers on Tuesday. The writer, who has experienced growing up without a single limb, will pay a visit to Viet Nam in May.
HCM CITY (VNS)– Australian writer Nick Vujicic, whose inspirational autobiography Life without Limits chronicles his experience growing up without a single limb, will pay a visit to Viet Nam in May.

Since he was born, Vujicic has suffered from Tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare autosomal recessive congenital disorder characterised by the absence of all four limbs.

He penned Life without Limits in 2010, when he was 27 years old. The emotional memoir tells the story of his physical disabilities and the mental battle he endured trying to deal with them as a child and a young adult.

“For the longest, loneliest time, I wondered if there was anyone on earth like me and whether there was any purpose to my life other than pain and humiliation,” he writes.

But once he found his own sense of purpose – inspiring others to make their lives and the world better – he found the confidence to live a rewarding and productive “life without limits.”

Today Vujicic can play golf, swim and surf. In addition, he became an internationally successful speaker and has given more than 1,600 speeches to millions of people around the world.

He calls on young people to find a purpose in life and never give up despite difficulties.

He released his second autobiography, Unstoppable, last October in the US. It describes his fairy-tale romance with his wife. The two are still together and happy.

The Vietnamese translation of his first book was introduced to readers nation-wide last December, while the second one was released yesterday.

Both of the books were translated into Vietnamese by Nguyen Bich Lan, who has suffered from muscular dystrophy since she was a teenager. Despite her poor health, she has made enormous efforts to study English and become a distinguished English teacher and translator.

Vujicic will start out in HCM City on May 22 and conclude in Ha Noi on May 26. He plans to give talks to 20,000 students at the National University, meet with disadvantaged children in Ha Noi, join a football tournament for street children in HCM City and visit Agent Orange victims at Hoa Binh Village in HCM City. – VNS

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