Thu. May 26th, 2022

Fourteen Vietnamese expatriates living across Europe demonstrated
their vocal prowess in the final round of Sao Mai (Morning Star)
television singing festival that wrapped up in the German capital
Berlin on July 20.

The event, held for the first time in the
continent, eventually singled out seven finalists from the Czech
Republic , Germany , France and Russia to compete for the
very top prize in Vietnam in August.

During the show,
audiences were treated to performances by singers known from previous
national festivals, including Trong Tan, Ngoc Anh, Le Anh Dung and
comedians Xuan Hinh and Thanh Thanh Hien.
Earlier qualifying
rounds took place in Praha , Berlin and Munich. The semi-final
round in Berlin on July 19 brought 29 contestants on stage.

Since 1997, the biennial festival has become a prestigious event and a
scouting ground for young music talent. It has now spread out across the
world to allow overseas Vietnamese to become closer to their homeland.-VNA

By vivian