Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

The Government is expected to invest about 600 billion VND (around 29
million USD) in developing sports during 2013 as the country prepares
for a busy year of tournaments as well as competitions at coming
international events.

The biggest event on the calendar will be the 27 th Southeast Asian Games in Myanmar in December.

to Lam Quang Thanh, Deputy Head of the National Sport Administration,
more than 46 billion VND will be spent on preparations to compete at the
Games as the competition is regarded as a valuable chance to improve
performances ahead of events such as the Asian Games in the Republic of
Korea next year and the Rio de Janeiro Olympics two years later.

The investment will not be spread as widely across all sports, as was the case in the past, Thanh said.

such as football, volleyball and table tennis, which lag behind others,
will be assigned to their federations who will take full responsibility
for their sport’s development.

However, the sustainable
development of sports needs stronger support and sponsors from across
the nation, including businesses and enterprises.-VNA

By vivian