Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

National Assembly Vice Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan has reaffirmed
Vietnam ’s commitment to work closely with the Inter-Parliamentary
Union (IPU) and the international community to bring a better life for
all in the world’s new development era.

Speaking at the
128 th plenary session of the IPU General Assembly that opened in the
Ecuadorian capital city of Quito on March 22, Ngan voiced Vietnam
’s strong support for IPU discussions regarding new growth models to
benefit people.

Despite obtaining a rapid growth over the years,
Vietnam advocates maintaining sustainable development in couple with
ensuring social progress and equality, protecting natural resources and
environment and maintaining socio-political stability, she said.

The Vice Chairwoman underlined the important role the National Assembly
plays in finalising the legal framework in order to ensure sustainable
development along with ensuring social welfare, creating an equal
environment for people of all social strata to enjoy the country’s
socio-economic achievements.

She reviewed Vietnam’s major campaigns to realise its millennium development goals.

Themed “From unrelenting growth to purposeful development “Buen Vivir”:
New approaches, new solutions”, the meeting focus discussions on
development orientations in the new era as the deadline for the United
Nations Millennium Development Goals is approaching.

Resolutions on the fields of security-politics, economics-trade,
democracy and human rights are expected to be issued at the end of the
session, that is scheduled to be on March 27.

Ngan and her entourage paid a working visit to Peru from March 20-22 to
enhance cooperation between the two legislative bodies and multi-faceted
ties between the two countries, especially in justice, economics, trade
and investment.-VNA

By vivian